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Arise Guided Counseling : Soul Based Perspectives

We work together through counseling practices enhanced with Guided or Intuitive information brought uniquely to you through Higher Energies. Visualize that you are walking through a devastated area and fall into pot holes and trenches. You find it hard to get the right perspective because you need all your concentration to navigate the mazes. Working from a Soul Based perspective, we take a 'helicopter' to gain a higher view to navigate.  If that's not high enough, we go 35,000 feet high, the cruising altitude of a 'jetliner'. If that is still not high enough (and sometimes it's not), we can get in a 'shuttle' and see your life's path and choices from a magnificent perspective.  The higher we get, the more we can see the patterns you have laid down for this lifetime. That makes a great difference - and things align faster and clearer afterwards.

Working With A Holistic Approach

Finding and following our personal guidance is the key to personal development. Walk with me as an alternative and holistic therapist and you will find accelerated progress in your personal development. Discover inner landscapes built upon belief clarification and guidance - a true way to balance the spiritual principles with natural laws. While situations can seem to happen to us, and where it is easy to blame others, discover alternative counseling as a better way to see through cause and effect.

Tapping into an expanded energy field for wellness, inspiration, abundance and balance is a "new" shift which greatly expands the traditional counseling and therapeutic repertoire.

Traditional and guided, intuitive & holistic counseling / therapy sessions are offered in person or by phone with Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph.D.

Phone Appointments also available from any location - office in Portland, Oregon

Personal Growth

"Lessons" are growth opportunities - how often have we said this to ourselves? We often have to spiral through the same lessons over and over until we truly learn. Uncover your limiting patterns and outmoded behaviors. Embrace your 'shadow' and integrate your growth so that you can move on to bigger(!) growth opportunities!


A Call to Greatness...imagine shining forth in all your Glory...feeling a deep reverence and connectedness with Earth and this magnificent vehicle we call our bodies...feeling whole with thoughts and emotions and dreams aligned and alight...sounding our song, for All to hear! Let's really explore this magnificent gift called Life - and have fun doing it!


Attracting the right partner...co-creating with your partner...becoming the person we want to attract! Staying aligned with our own heart center with family, friends, co-workers. Respecting, honoring, enjoying each other. Abundance comes in many forms and often we need to clear out old habits and expectations before we can attract and embody the love we are searching for. Embrace life lessons with another...We can have it all!!

Career Path

Right Livelihood...loving yourself and creating a career that expresses your gifts and skills. Feeling stuck or uncertain with your job? Feeling you have reached a pinnacle - and now what? Just hold on until you can retire and then start to live? Why wait? Life is a gift - unwrap it. Live fully and meaningfully! Traditional career testing available including assessments of your interests, skills, strengths, and values. Job placement includes resume writing, interview preparation, and networking skills.

Life Passages

Transitions...thresholds...crossroads....creations....unfoldings....dyings....rising up again from the ashes... we experience all many times in one life. Honor them. Accept them. Learn from them. Share the riches.

Family and Marriage

It is said that the core of our lives is our family, but when instability strikes at the heart of the family system, outside perspectives are sometimes necessary. See it from another perspective; hear it from an impartial consultant, trained in family counseling.

Types of Guided Counseling

Remembering Who You Really Are!

You are a magnificent, powerful, infinite, compassionate Being of Love and Light who has chosen, on a soul level, your life path. I honor your free will choices!

Abundance In All and For All

Health, wealth, joy, family, resources, time to relax and enjoy, creativity, sleep, envision the best for yourself, your family, your country, the entire world and everything! You Can have it all!

Stepping Into Your Power

Do you see and feel yourself to be sovereign within your own sphere of consciousness and mastery? Come and visit, take some healing arts trainings so that you can shine in your magnificence - angelic beings draped in human vehicles for a divine purpose. Try this affirmation: I am Blessed to be on the Earth and the Earth is Blessed that I AM Here!

Finding Balance, Clarity, Hope, Joy

Breathe in inspiration, love, light, forgiveness, compassion. Breathe out everything that you are ready to release at this time. And it feels so good to take a conscious breath in and out - not pushing, pulling or having any resistance. Just enjoy breathing. Then breathe in inspiration, love and light. Breathe out Your inspiration, Your love, Your light, Your experience, Your knowledge, Your wisdom to the world!

Unblocking Patterns

What's holding you back from your heart's truest desires? Stuck in repeating patterns? Unblock and release the stuck energy in order to then step forward and enjoy this precious time!


We are all connected through all time and space. Sometimes the hardest relationships are like geodes - hard and bumpy on the outside, crystalline pure and light-filled on the inside. How to get to that place of compassion? There are ways to navigate the rocky shoals and find the path to reconciliation and unconditional love. Especially for yourself and your Inner Child!

Career and Destiny Path

Ask for Guidance to walk your highest destiny path. Then look for the quantum portals to open avenues for you to walk through. Even if you are on your last breath, or your last nerve, or your last penny, still there is destiny and there is a way through. Oh, and also, I have been a career counselor for over 40 years so if you would like me to look at your resume ... send it!