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A Best Friend

Daily DeLights can be your best friend - believing in you over and over again, giving good advice, charting your priorities and goals, and celebrating your successes. Here is sacred/whimsical space to vision the highest and greatest for ourselves, for our emerging global community, and our Lightwork!

What if…

...you only needed a minute to feel great about yourself and your life choices?

This is one of the main purposes of Daily DeLights – to help you balance, align and expand your personal energy management system. Make steady progress to be the best vision of wonderful you and do it in the shortest amount of time!

Time is not the deciding factor! Nor is willpower - or any other word you might use to beat yourself up when you cannot keep a promise to yourself, large or small. We are perfectly imperfect in our own unique ways. You can face your challenges and work your life as an artist would a canvas, loving yourself each step of the way.

Bringing conscious intent to our daily life by aligning our personal energy system in a minute or so is critical for those of us who can’t figure out how to add another thing to our overburdened ‘to-do’ lists. I started some of these techniques three decades ago for my own health and mental breathing space. On the other hand, if you are someone who has much time on your hands and can therefore lose sight of the bigger picture, then allow this journal to engage you in a more leisurely, yet conscious, stroll with a trusted companion.

Being present in your life, feeling good about yourself, and accomplishing the things you dearly wish to add to (or subtract from) your life, one step at a time, is the way forward.

Breath by breath - begin again.

What's Inside?