Thanks to Esther Hicks and Abraham for the wonderful exercise, Rampage of Appreciation. The 2016 election has inspired me to write this Rampage for all of us.

How it works:  There 8 areas.  Each one starts with a statement or affirmation that hopefully feels some relief for you.  As you read through that area, you will feel more and more relief, peace, and empowerment.  If you still need to feel better about election events, then read another of the 8 areas.  If you need even more relief – read all 8.  I promise you that you will feel more peace and start to understand that there is a prayer we all have of highest and greatest good for all.  

You can download a copy here


The 8 areas below are:

  •   We’ve All Come to Look for America!
  •   Let the Healing Begin!
  •   All is Well, All is Well, All is Always Well!
  •   Birth is Messy but Worth It!
  •   Blessed are They…
  •   Millennials and Shift Energies Abound!
  •   Visualize…
  •   All In!

Lightworkers, this is our time!  This is our work!

This is who we are and this is what we do!  

Light Up!

Part One

We've All Come to Look For America

  1. This is how we move forward – in a wave formation. Ride the waves.
  2. The further back the pendulum bends, the farther and faster the momentum can fly.
  3. Sometimes it seems like two steps forward, one step back. And yet, this is the dance. These are the patterns. We live in an evolution of consciousness.
  4. We have survived and thrived through much worse. We are resilient. Life goes on.
  5. There are and will be many more opportunities for empathy and dialogue with our fellow companions.
  6. There are and will be many more opportunities to vibrantly express and stand up for what is right and just.
  7. Our government is a reflection of us. We are a large, extended, dysfunctional and functional family. We survive together. We heal together. We bond together.
  8. This current path is a strong invitation to include everyone in the national conversation, especially those who would not come otherwise.
  9. The first Black President caused an equal and opposite reaction. The pendulum swings. All is well.
  10. Government is not our life. Our identities are much more than democrat or republican. Our voting and governmental systems need an update and this is a step to designing an update.  
  11. This current event has created a strong movement to shift from the duopoly of our current party system (democrat/republican)  to six – 8 national groups: alt right, conservative, change-at-any-cost, neoliberal, progressive, libertarian, green. Change is coming – we all can sense it.
  12. Wouldn’t it be nice if leaders are chosen by their platforms and ideals and not by party machines?
  13. America is an ideal / vibrational insert into the very grid of the land. We align with it or not – but the grid hold and vibrates according to the intent of millions throughout time and space. Those who do not resonate with the underlying structural grid of inclusiveness, tolerance, equality will cycle off. The vibration is moving from potentiality to actuality. This is the real America.
  14. America is an imprint and vibration of social justice, inclusion, diversity, equality, pursuit of happiness, personal freedoms, religious tolerance, freedom of speech. This is the real America. It feels so right to know we have chosen to incarnate here at this time to do this work! It feels wonderful to know we are the real America. 

Part Two

Let The Healing Begin

  1. With this current event, 30 – 60 million people would not come to the conversation, and choose instead to remain in their walled-off enclaves. Now, secret shames are out. Now, the healing begins.
  2. He touched upon and blew up the bubble of rage, misogyny, hatred and fear. He is the one who can now lance that infection so that it can be brought out into the open and heal, rather than harden and turn into a cancer. Blessing on the surgery. Let the healing begin.
  3. The bandage has been pulled off. Let the healing begin.
  4. We are more resilient than 1 election. Four years go fast.
  5. We are still healing energetically from the Civil War and scorched earth paradigms. The forced end to slavery was only 160 years ago. The forced civil rights acts were only 50 years ago. We are still in the beginning phases of a true socially just landscape. We are living history in the making. Let the healing continue!
  6. We are still healing energetically from waves of immigration and discrimination, from WW1, WW2, Cold War.  We are healing from an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality. There is no them. There is only us. Let the healing continue!
  7. This is a clearing field time. Burning leaves time. Preparing soil for new crops to be planted time. Crops of peace, harmony, social justice, Gaia- partnership are already planted and growing already!
  8. We are re-learning the importance of civility and a communal social contract. A global sustainable contract. We re-learn that which we need to re-learn until we can move on to the next lesson.
  9. And we have all chosen to do this learning and re-learning on a soul level and with our free will choice. We are the healers and we have begun!
  10. Rise up and allow your unique voices to be heard! Claim your voice! Sing songs of harmony and peace. Sing songs of inclusion and abundance for all. We are courageous healers and we have begun.

Part Three

All is Well, All is Well, All is Always Well

  1. He is a builder – we need to rebuild our cities and infrastructures.  Builder, build!
  2. There’s only one party now running everything so they can finally show the country what they can do to bring about positive changes. The time is now for them to manifest the best vision that they envision.
  3. Four years go fast. If we don’t like their actions, we can change the system again. This too shall pass.
  4. Lack of resistance to gun-folly ownership can provide space so movement to sane rational communal living can start again. Guns don’t make people safe. All is Well!
  5. A global wave is cresting – America is one country among many with growing pains.  A clear message goes out to lift yourself and your cultures to amazing heights. Look to your hearts and your hopes and dreams. In the evolution of consciousness there is no one ‘super’ power. We all bring something to the table.
  6. Globally we are all learning that there is no ‘them’. We are all in this together on Spaceship Gaia.
  7. We are in a Grand Orchestra and we each contribute different sounds to the song. This is our joy.
  8. The Grand Adventure is afoot!

Part Four

Birth is Messy but Worth it!

  1. We are birthing a true inclusive human community, starting from our basic social structures, widening to our nations and embracing our global families. We are in this together. Birth can be messy and sometimes painful. But it is always worth it!  This is the beginning not the end.
  2. We are babies on the path of living our American ideals. As we have seen on the national stage, many people who immigrate to this country vibrate with American ideals. They are real Americans.
  3. Whites now have the eyes to see what people of color have always seen – racism and discrimination exist in America. We are outgrowing this. Our greatness beckons.
  4. Men now have eyes and ears to see and hear what women have always seen – sexism, misogyny, and predatory behaviors. We are outgrowing this. Our integrity beckons.
  5. Heteros now have seen and witnessed the joy and love evident in having the freedom to choose life partners. Our heart beckons.
  6. Americans now see the effects of islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, phobia –upon-phobia in the tears and the fears of our children. We are outgrowing this. We are the adults. We are Americans. Our conscience beckons.
  7. Americans now have the choice to see that giving pennies to crushing child labor abroad does not challenge our systems. We need to evolve working solutions at home while lending a hand to those who don’t have iphones, mattresses, food, or chances to survive.  Greed has taken American jobs – not starving children. We are outgrowing this. Our compassion beckons
  8. We are beginning to birth true education for our children:
    • how to live together peacefully and respectfully;
    • how to uncover and develop our gifts and potentials;
    • how to live a successful, happy, abundant life;
    • how to critically evaluate the flood of  information and determine what is real and what is not;
    • how to navigate with kindness through the social media platforms.
  9. In a tug of war, releasing the rope is like releasing resistance in the law of attraction. We release the rope and allow our shared hopes and dreams birth into form.
  10. Peace is within.
  11. Holding a baby in our arms is one of life’s most precious joys. Holding a ball of the Earth in our arms births a new world platform.  We vision the highest and greatest good for all! 

Part Five

Blessed Are They

  1. Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted.
  2. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness and social justice for they will be called children of God.
  3. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
  4. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall live in peace and vibrate peace on earth.
  5. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness and social justice for they are living at the front lines and are honored.
  6. The arc of justice is long indeed, yet we have all the time we need. We have time after time after time. And we know this. And we come again and again to this work!
  7. There are forces of love and light which encircle this bejeweled planet and this country seeded with the vibrations of equality and justice. It feels so right to know we are not alone!

Part Six

Millennials and Shift Energies Abound!

  1. We are in the middle of higher vibrational shift energies. The precession of the equinoxes (wobble of the earth’s axis) occurs every 26,000 years.  This 34 year cycle started 1994 and will end 2030, ushering in new energies and frequencies. We are only 4 years past midpoint of 2012.  Great to have a galactic GPS system in place!    (Thanks Lee Carroll and Kryon for the info).
  2. Millennials are transforming and emerging out of their chrysalis stage onto the world stage.  They have come of age in the time of the 2008 economic crash and shock, failed and dysfunctional governmental systems, crushing student debt, lack of jobs – and are now beginning to wear the mantle of ‘birthers of the new age’. We celebrate the power of millennial magnificence!!
  3. Millennials are 74 million strong!  They have incarnated to get stuff done!  They will breathe life into old systems and dance the dreams into reality. 
  4. We are building a foundation for 2024. At that time Millennials and our diverse community will have more voting power to set the stage for the next evolutionary leap. Life is afoot!
  5. We are at the cusp of moving from soaring ideals (not realized) of freedom and justice for all-- to the reality of designing and then living those imprinted American ideals.
  6. We take a larger, higher, and grander perspective. We think bigger. We dream more creatively.  It feels so right to arise together!  

Part Seven


  1. Visualize reading a history book from 2116 or 2216 or 2316. This entire time period (our lives) and this one election (2016) will cover perhaps one chapter, then one paragraph, then one line in a much larger story. The story of humans in harmony on Earth.
  2. Visualize stable, peaceful, tolerant, diverse national and global economies and cultures. Rejoicing in differences. Loving our myriad colors, families, and societies.
  3. Visualize each child born, welcomed, to sustainable, conscious, caring family structures, Food enough for all! Beautiful homes and communities. Creative and expansive growing-up experiences.
  4. Visualize beautiful, gleaming cities, transportation, bridges, roads. ‘Jobs’ evolved to expressions of service and joy. Creative communal spaces. Living in partnership with Gaia. Trees, grass, flowers abound. Loved and respected animal companions all living harmoniously on Earth without abandon or cruel control.
  5. Visualize industries and professions which monitor and design natural solutions for cleaning up pollution of our air, water, land, food, soil. Natural, artful designs for pure water and organic foods grown locally with vertical farms and markets effortlessly serving 7, 8, 9, 10 billion people. Conscious population growth and personal responsible control.
  6. Visualize the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healed and working harmoniously in a Unified Consciousness. Conscious and caring birthing and family planning. Conscious and respectful courtship and sexual expressions. Conscious partnering with Gaia for human population in re-invigorated ecosystems.
  7. Visualize a light grid surrounding the Earth with beautiful points of light shone by beings of light throughout time and space. And you are a point of light on the grid. You are known, you are welcomed, you are needed. It feels so right to shine our light!

Part Eight

All In!

  1. Yes the world can sustain us all. There is no ‘us’ or ‘them’.  We all survive and thrive together. We are in this together.
  2. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, till death do us part. We are all in this together and bound on this journey towards manifesting freedom, justice, peace, eco-partnering and respectful tolerance for all.
  3. This Is the Grand Adventure!  And we incarnate for the joy of doing just this. We are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things. It feels so right to rejoice and enjoy the adventure! Alone and together!